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                              August 3

                              The Night a Mysterious Drone Swarm Descended On Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant The War Zone
                              小火箭配置文件conf "drones as possible UFOs" articles have consistently caught our attention, but this chilling Tyler Rogoway and Joseph Trevithick article totally fixated it. What they term "a much less glamorous, more numerous, and arguably far more pressing threat" than "strange unidentified craft with unexplainable capabilities" is well-detailed in this report. Note also the apparently insufficient and even "naive" response to such threats. Supporting sources show other aspects of the drone menace, including Jared Keller's CENTCOM Chief: US Troops Can't Keep up with the Flood of Cheap Drones Downrange for limited strikes and Trevithick's own Turkey Now Has Swarming Suicide Drones It Could Export which has application to a potential terrorist strike on a nuclear facility. And Brett Tingley and The War Zone Staff provide background useful both to the historic drone problem and its recent efflorescence in Newly Released FAA Documents Give Unprecedented Look Into Colorado Drone Swarm Mystery. (WM)

                              Trump's New Favorite COVID Doctor Believes in Alien DNA, Demon Sperm, and Hydroxychloroquine Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science
                              Even now, with burbles of respectability issuing from such bastions as 小火箭免费节点公众号, the US Navy, and, famously and now controversially 小火箭免费节点公众号, skeptics can still lump possible ET life and UFOs in with all sorts of weirdness. The Dawkins site directs to Will Sommer's Daily Beast expose of Stella Immanuel with a nearly hour-long video of Immanuel on "Deliverance from Spirit Husbands and Spirit Wives." Jason Colavito cannot resist riding that Sommer post, penning Trump's "Alien DNA" Doctor; Plus: NY Times Reporters Get Defensive Over UFOs. Thankfully, Paul Seaburn turns the tables on the subject in his lighter UFOs, Politics and Religion--Only in Texas. Along the way, Paul makes his usual worthwhile observations upon what passes for intelligence in this world. But things turn decidedly serious again with Nick Redfern's Demonic Phenomena, Government Agencies, and Top Secret Cold War-Era Projects. Nick's delving into the World of Intelligence nearly brings us full circle with Government, Demons, virus weapons, and the like. It's also a good promo for Nick's timely book Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife, published by Anomalist Books. (WM)

                              Summa Faeryologica, Part Eleven The Big Study
                              Concluding this 53rd and final entry in the series based upon his years-long "Leprecat" compilation of Things Faery, The Professor comes to conclusions about "another reality alongside." More stories from worlds Old and New (the latter being the outstandingly strange and attested "Helen Lane" account) affirm some observations on what's reported about this "parallel reality." But Swords has little patience for grandiose mental speculations: "Anyone can dream up neat sounding BS." "The truth, if ever we find it, resides in only one area." A final note: nearly 500 fantastic blog entries from 2009 to 2015 include Faery, UFOs, the Rhine experiments, coincidences, Wildmen, Druids, Everyday Spirituality, Mike's late Mother, MIBs, "star jellies," tricksters, dragons, poltergeists, dinosaurs, DATA-NET, Ivan Sanderson's SITU files, George Hunt Williamson, "Michelin UFOnauts," Catherine Crowe, ET physiology and mentality/spirituality, Healing, and Walnut Trees. These will never become dated, though many of them recall good times past. (WM)

                              August 2

                              Texas Politician Alienates Twitter Users By Suggesting E.T.s Need Religion Huffington Post
                              If anyone ever needs spiritual guidance, look no further than a politician from Texas who loves to use Twitter. There are many arguments against Jonathan Stickland's pronouncement from wide ranging sources as C.S. Lewis, 小火箭添加节点, Protestant philosophers like Christian Weidemann, the Torah and Quran. Having a little fun with Stickland's hubris, David Moye outlines Twitter's reactions and not much else which is a shame considering Jonathan is putting limits on God, who is omnipotent and omniscient, instead of allowing his so-called "faith" embrace the totality of God's power. On the other side of the coin, Madeleine O'Keefe wants you to know about 苹果小火箭shadowrocket节点几种添加方式,怎么用法?-咔 ...:苹果小火箭现在只能在美区下载到,下载的时候需要2.99美金,可伍礼品卡购买,也可伍登陆别人的美区账号,直接在美区的appstore里搜索shadowrocket,如果别人已经付费过,那么你再次下载的时候,也是免费的!但是登陆别人appid的时候,千万不要登陆icloud,防止手机被锁!. So humanity's already made contact with unintelligent aliens? Nu, bubbe I shouldn't be sarcastic especially in this day and age. Rather Ms. O'Keefe spills the beans on recent advances with the potential to increase the signal-to-noise ratio and our odds to confirm we are not alone in a cold, uncaring cosmos. (CS)

                              Shocking 18th Century Letter Shows Lottery Prizes Won Through Psychic Dreams! Exploring The Outer Edges of Society And Mind
                              Paging Eric Wargo... David Metcalfe has stumbled upon a goldmine of anecdotal concering Christ Knape, a doctor of philosophy, medicine, and surgery, had a head for numbers. But only while asleep it seems. Other people don't find their fortune in dreams, but receive visits from Men In Black much to their misfortune. It's central to Nick Redfern's exploration of When A Dream Doesn't Seem Like A Normal Dream to a dreamer who realized there was an unexpected coincidence in waking life to the dream. Clearly dreams are important, and greyfaces are doing the best they can with the conceits and tools available to them to suss out these oneiric mysteries. Over at the Phyiscs arXiv Blog is the revelation as to How Artificial Neural Networks Pavedd The Way For A Dramatic New Theory Of Dreams which may explain why practicing in dreams can improve performance by generalizing actions and making room for improvisation. The fun doesn't stop there as the Neuroskeptic proposes A New Theory Of Dreaming. It's less romantic and supernatural, yet more utilitarian, but the proposal can be tested and falsified. We'll be waiting for those results. (CS)

                              The Mythical Protectors Of The Philippines BBC
                              Western materialists may pride themselves on being akin to Star Trek's Vulcans, logical and immune to base superstition, but are they accomplishing enough for the good of the planet? Perhaps flexibility is in order considering Arnel Murga's treatise upon filipino beliefs and folklore as an asset for protecting the islands's critical biodiversity. Perhaps disbelief is cause for the decline of werewolves in the west, as Karl Shuker reminisces upon Cynocephali And Other Dog-Headed Denizens Of Legends And Lore. Karl has examples from all the corners of the globe, along with a few lexical explanations as to the origin of these trans-species entities. If you like tall tales like these, Tobias Wayland continues pursuing the questionable title "Herodotus of the 21st century" with a Woman Reporting 2002 Sighitng Of "Gargoyle" With Feathered Wings In Babcock, Wisconsin. Eighteen years ago. Wow, that's almost yesterday. And let's not forget there's only a first-person anecdotal account and nothing else. (CS)

                              August 1

                              My Friend Thinks She's Having Sex With A Ghost Slate
                              The byline is "Her quarantine has been rough", but then again quarantine's been rough for everyone. Everyone will enjoy this missive from the pseudonymous "BOO!", the ephemeral "John", and how Rich Juzwiak postulates a materialist origin for the phenomenon. For what it's worth, I doubt Rich has done anything harder than aspirin since his guilty parties often don't forment this level of arousal regardless of circumstances. For a more nuanced look at alternative explanations of things going bump in the night, Ashley Knibb's been Talking About Other Ghostly Possibilities without completely dismissing the paranormal. Should anyone still have financial liquidity as the pandemic continues apace, Tim Binnall's been browsing Zillow and learned Ireland's Most Haunted House Is Up For Sale. Sadly the listing doesn't feature photos of Bigfoot lounging around the property. Another Irish tidbit to tickle your fancy comes straight out of Fortean Ireland with The Beastie In The Walls which made headlines back in 1933 and it's a darned sight stranger than Gef the Mongoose. (CS)

                              苹果小火箭shadowrocket节点几种添加方式,怎么用法?-咔 ...:苹果小火箭现在只能在美区下载到,下载的时候需要2.99美金,可伍礼品卡购买,也可伍登陆别人的美区账号,直接在美区的appstore里搜索shadowrocket,如果别人已经付费过,那么你再次下载的时候,也是免费的!但是登陆别人appid的时候,千万不要登陆icloud,防止手机被锁! Mysterious Universe
                              Nick Redfern doesn't just write about the paranormal, but he's also getting his hands dirty with all sorts of high strangeness out in the field to lend authentiicty to his exhaustive research. Roswell's ghosts and Texas's gargoyles are just the tip of the iceberg. If such nostalgic ruminations are your cup of tea, Sharon Rawlette wants to share her collection of her Top 15 Paranormal Memoirs with a particular emphasis on near, and after, death experiences. But if you really want something to challenge, stimulate, and challenge your basic assumptions behind your perceptions of the universe, Clive Prince heartily recommends The Flip — Epiphanies Of Mind And The Future Of Knowledge for a philosophical foundation for Flipping The Future in hopes of changing minds to forment a better tomorrow. (CS)

                              A Nobel Prize Winning Biochemist Encounters an Alien Glowing, Talking Raccoon Mysterious Universe
                              Brent Swancer covers Kary Mullis' outstandingly weird story and adds two more Mullis-related tales courtesy of Australian ufologist Bill Chalker. Mullis' experience has elements similar to UFOs Encounters and the Oz Factor, also from Brent. Brent credits Jenny Randles for the term, invoking her, Jacques Vallee, and Michael Talbot for perspectives upon this subject. Nine News Australia's Raffaella Ciccarelli describes The UFO Encounter that Tore a US Community Apart. The article on the Thom Reed family experience during and after the strange events of September 1, 1969 fails to mention the most recent problems Thom had with the city of Sheffield, Massachusetts. These led to the removal of the monument that had been erected to commemorate the original ordeal. (WM)

                              July 31

                              ss/ssr小火箭shadowsock教程 – ssr节点:2021-6-14 · ss/ssr小火箭shadowsock教程 shadowsock教程, ss/ssr教程, ss节点, 安卓小火箭, 小火箭shadowsock iPhone手机小火箭shadowsock使用教程 2021年1月8日 2021年3月28日 ssr节点 CTV News
                              Finally, we can put one conspiracy theory to bed. The mystery of the Windsor Hum has not only been solved, but it has stopped. The Zug Island steel smelting plant, long an environmental disaster waiting to happen, has been shut down, taking with it the relentless infrasound that has been vibrating the innards of Windsor residents for the past 10 years. Will the Taos hum be next on the growing list of solved cases? Because we have another one: The Bermuda Triangle Solved - Again, for the Fourth Time. And Kevin Randle is not impressed with the rogue wave theory put forth as the latest and greatest answer. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting for us, Kevin; it saves us the aggravation of slapping our foreheads and bemoaning time wasted. (CM)

                              Do We Believe in U.F.O.s? That's the Wrong Question The New York Times
                              In the wake of fallout generated by their latest UFO expose, the two journalists who with Helene Cooper in 2017 broke what could become the story of the century explain their position on "how their journalism came together" on the matter of "Advanced Aerospace Vehicles" (A.A.V.) crash retrievals. It's doubtful this short piece will satisfy their harshest critics among UFOdom, who would question whether those who "assure us that their briefings are based on facts, not belief" are 免费ssr节点2022 than the familiar players whom some skeptical types have perhaps unfairly marginalized. Blumenthal and Kean correctly emphasize the almost certainly secret nature of the subject, and double-down strongly on their beliefs about "reported U.F.O. crashes and retrieved materials" and what "A.A.V." really means. But it's up for debate whether they've provided the "extraordinary evidence" they acknowledge is required. (WM)

                              Scotland’s Most Haunted Neighbourhood? 60 Years After Eerie Encounter Sauchie’s Park Crescent Still Goes Bump in the Night Sunday Post
                              "The Sauchie Poltergeist is up there with the Enfield and Pontefract poltergeists," says Malcom Robinson, author of a book on the subject. Park Crescent in the Scottish town of Sauchie (pronounced "Sockey") has a history of perplexing paranormal events occurring in some of its houses and several "credible witnesses" support the claims of its residents. Much further south, we learn that a 'Big cat sighting' in West Sussex was actually a large stuffed toy on a park bench, police say and that furry toys have been the cause of other big cat tales, too. Far less whimsical is the report of a Possible Cattle Mutilation Reported in England. In the Yorkshire town of Todmorden, a calf has been found bearing the "classic signs" of the phenomenon so well known in the US. Let's hope it's a one-off. The town also happens to be where, in 1980, a fellow by the name of Adamski--Zigmund Adamskii--was found dead in circumstances which suggested alien abduction. The case remains unsolved. (LP)

                              TV Shows and the Men in Black: Why Do They Always Want "Secret Agents"? Mysterious Universe
                              We start a "Mysterious Universefest" with two Nick Redfern opinion pieces, grounded in experience. With MIBs and what Nick covers in 小火箭(Shadowrocket)配置ss/ssr教程 - 网络跳越:2021-6-11 · 正如你想象的一样,国内的app store无法搜索和下载到小火箭。因此你需要一个境外的apple id登录app store,然后再下载。境外apple id请从这里找:境外apple id信息汇总,登录和下载教程:切换apple id下载其它国家和地区的应用。再次提醒: 不要用网上找到的apple id登录icloud! he decries a certain "Will to Aliens" behind what he considers two fundamental misperceptions. In the latter case, Nick makes a prediction that's more likely if Rendlesham <>isn't the only really non-ET UFO case he names. Brent Swancer recaps a famous sighting and its witness' changing attitudes in Jimmy Carter and the UFO. Paul Seaburn summarizes the findings of The War Zone writer Brett Tingley from New Research on the Mysterious Colorado Drone Fleets. The conclusions are important and mysterious--which is partly why they're important. And on a lighter note, Paul reports a UFO Mini-Golf Course Opens and the Real Florida UFO Incidents That Inspired It. Paul both has fun with the topic and offers some good historical information. (WM)

                              July 30

                              一个管理SS/R V2ray Clash订阅的网站 | 酱紫表:2021-5-5 · 干啥的 什么是订阅 大家伋理一般用的 ss/r 或者 V2ray,一个节点。当你自己使用多个节点的时候问题就来了,如何方便管理、获取自己的节点。这个时候SSR的作者就提出了订阅的这种方式。第一 url 地址里面存储所有节点信息。每次客户端填写下这个 url 地址就行了。 Scientific American
                              Articles like this, written by scientists of such standing and especially appearing in the mainstream scientific press make one wonder whether a sort of "critical mass" is being gained in making the subject of UFOs a publicly-respectable topic within the academic and technical communities. Ravi Kopparapu and Jacob Haqq-Misra offer a reasoned and timely argument that "UAP are a scientifically interesting problem" and should be studied by interdisciplinary teams of scientists. But Jack Brewer says let's "can" the current uforia. Jack's UFO Debris, Disclosure, and Congressional Investigations basically contends that "We've seen it all before." Greg Eghigian picks up Brewer's recycled history tack in It's Still Not Aliens. Greg notes questions raised about Eric Davis, whose quotes including "off-world vehicles not made on this earth" remain the most sensational in the New York Times article by Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean. And into the melee steps Kevin Randle, who's admittedly questioned Dr. Davis for his apparent belief in a Del Rio UFO crash. Kevin's UAV's and a Little Corroboration for the Latest Story may be "suggestive of some sort of reality behind what Davis has claimed." Perhaps historian Eghigian's conclusion is apt: "So, we'll see. Or maybe not." (WM)

                              The Strange and Mysterious Story of a Missing Prime Minister Mysterious Universe
                              In 1967 Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt went for a swim at Cheviot Beach, near Portsea, Victoria, and never re-emerged from the water. Police called it a tragic accident. The press thought otherwise. Theories involving the CIA (Holt wanted to pull Australia out of the Vietnam war), suicide, and Holt running off with a mistress were tossed about. With no body ever recovered, any theory was as viable as the next. This is not unlike Eerie Cases of Hunters Who Stepped Off the Face of the Earth. The experienced outdoorsmen described in this report disappeared without leaving behind any reasonable clues. Any hints or evidence found only compounded the mysteries further. More unsettling still are Mysterious Trails, Strange Calls from the Wilds, and the Almost Vanished. The witnesses featured in these stories describe similar experiences of voices calling them deeper into the woods, mind fog, previously unseen paths suddenly becoming visible, and overwhelming feelings of dread. Either these stories are paranormal in origin, or Bigfoot is tired of hunting deer. (CM)

                              UFO Mystery Deepens as Met Office Rejects Balloon Explanation Belfast Telegraph
                              UFO reports Old World and New. The Northern Ireland Met(eorological) Office provides a helpful response to a local UFO society over a daytime sighting in Christopher Woodhouse's fair treatment of the subject. A Mystery of Strange Orange Lights in the Sky around Horsham has West Sussex County Times' Sarah Page asking for witnesses. In Costa Rica: An Unusual Luminous Object over Poas has resulted in some rather interesting photographs. But the most substantive of the recent experiences may be the one reported in Argentina: Light Paralyzes Motorist in the Laguna del Pescado Vicinity. The light in question also shut off everything in the young man's car. (WM)

                              July 29

                              Loch Ness Monster Sighting as ‘Baffled’ Fireman Spots 12Ft ‘Hump’ in the Water Near Kayakers The Scottish Sun
                              There's been a sighting of something unusual in Loch Ness, witnessed by a long time forestry worker and fireman who was himself highly skeptical of the dark water's denizen. In fact, it was his observation of a "rock" that he had never before noticed in all his years working around and fishing in the loch that made him grab his cellphone and start recording. Next, Glasgow Boy provides an Audio Interview on the Famous Nessie Fakers with Scott Mardis on his "Monster X" channel. Topics covered include recent fake news photos, then go back through the Loch's history and its infamous hoaxers over the years. (CM)

                              New York Times Says Crashed UFOs May Exist Medium
                              Television producer, director, and UFO Disclosure promoter Bryce Zabel analyzes the Ralph Blumenthal/Leslie Kean article No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon's U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public. Zabel considers former Senator Harry Reid's subsequent "walk-back" of comments assigned to him and the heavily-edited quality Zabel perceives in the article. In his subsequent post NY Times Reporters Take Aim at Internet UFO "Frenzy" Zabel critiques the interview the two journalists did with Jay from Project Unity. Zabel finds the reporters' positions both understandable and to a certain extent unrealistic. Recent paranormal news certainly has 小火箭加速器使用教程分享_极速下载站:2021-11-15 · 小火箭支持多种类型节点,例如SS、SSR,GFW等等。多类型的节点方式,是根据不同的协议、不同的加密混淆及一些不同的特性而开发的,目前比较主流的是SS、SSR,我伊使用扫码添加或者链接导入节点的时候会自动判断节点类型,手动添加要 .... Duncan Phenix promos a three-hour podcast between Mystery Wire and KLAS-tv's George Knapp and Rogan. Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell also appears. Phenix' Road Trip to Rogan is a cute mini-documentary of the journey from Las Vegas to the Rogan studio and, like the prior piece, embeds that three-hour interview. (WM)

                              Summa Faeryologica, Part Eight The Big Study
                              The Professor arrives at the conclusion--well, maybe--to his musings upon Matters Faery and Perhaps Related. In his "50th consecutive post" on Faery, Dr. Swords deals with "water entities," diverging from the standard Crypto-Clubbers in several important ways. Summa Faeryologica, Part 9 moves the focus to "Wildmen" of various types. In these treatments the reality contest is between potential "biological" and "paranormal" explanations, which latter invoke notions of "some sort of parallel reality which our reality has brushes with." A "World Alongside" is considered in Summa Faeryologica, Part 10. Personal, smaller examples from The Professor himself and his friends are combined with a raft of puzzlers supporting large-scale "other places" which occasionally may be seen and even temporarily materially experienced by humans. Coincidentally, Hakan Blomqvist's Invisibility and Materialization deals with this last matter from the standpoint of the "Space Brothers (and Sisters)." (WM)

                              July 28

                              Discovery in Mexican Cave May Drastically Change the Known Timeline of Humans' Arrival to the Americas Smithsonian Magazine
                              A new find may "double the currently popular date" for the human entrance into North America. The suggestion is supported by a wider study modeling human distribution in both time and space from 42 different American sites. Naturally, the traditional archaeological community Has Questions. Sara Savat says another timely investigation may lead to Rewriting History: New Evidence Challenges Euro-centric Narrative of Early Colonization. As with the early peopling of America, radiocarbon dating is helping alter views regarding the European insurgence. In Israel, Ancient Rock Art Was Created By a Mysterious Culture. Jocelyne LeBlanc reveals how a 2012 discovery has led to more knowledge--and associated questions--about the people who built the megalithic burial structures in the area 40 to 45 centuries ago. At Armagh in Northern Ireland's Navan Fort: Researchers Believe 'Huge' Religious Structures Found, says Cormac Campbell. Here, traditional archaeology plus modern magnetic gradiometry and an electrical resistance survey indicate buildings that "are absolutely huge" for the first millennia BCE and CE. (WM)

                              Ralph Blumenthal & Leslie Kean First Interview on their Latest NYT Article Project Unity
                              Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean answer questions as frankly as they are able about their weekend piece: what was in it, what left out, and what was "corrected." Both don't shy away from the "crash-retrievals" element in their report. About 24:30 into the interview the 800-pound gorilla "walk-back" of Senator Harry Reid's portion is addressed. Blumenthal and Kean emphasize that Reid's quotes were not changed, but wording used to paraphrase Reid views was altered as Reid felt a need to pull back from it. They delineate The Gray Lady's process for developing and editing stories, including decisions upon length and theme that impact what information gets into a finished product. A "must-listen." Paul Seaburn highlights two major elements in the NYT article with his 打开小火箭静默版 | 捷径社区:2021-10-11 · 选不出来,小火箭作者似乎没添加相关支持。一个迂回的方法是,如果设备安装了小火箭,可伍在“快捷指伌中心”“来自App”部分将启动、停止和切换shadowrocket 三个Siri捷径添加到你的快捷指伌库,然后在这三个快捷指伌的基础上复制修改。. The good-humored Paul makes an unintentional "funny" in his Eric W. Davis quote about "off-road vehicles not made on this earth," notes the Reid walk-back, and turns to the response to the article by Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough. With good reason Paul compliments Keith Basterfield for An Analysis of the Latest Department of Defense Statement on UAP. Keith sorts out the Susan Gough repeats from the more interesting statements with a care one hopes was used in crafting them in the first place. (WM)

                              2021 年屏蔽 iOS 和 iPadOS 自动检测更新的几个妙招 - 哔哩 ...:示例:“小火箭” - 规则 你不需要添加任何节点,打开「按需求连接」,一天 24 小时挂着就行。示例:“小火箭” - 按需求连接 如果你觉得这个图标不好看,你可伍在 App 设置中隐藏状态栏图标。示例:“小火箭” - … Mysterious Universe
                              The Woo Factor is strong in these next two reports, starting with a young Swedish girl in the 1800s who hit her head, fell asleep, and proceeded to continue slumbering for the next 32 years without any visible signs of aging. Even her hair stayed clean, which is a cool trick if you can pull it off. Our second story focuses on Weird Cases of Kids Who Vanished and Reappeared With Strange Stories to Tell. Pulsating crafts/ beings in the sky, endless sunshine, extraordinary clarity, and extreme time loss--it all sounds like Alice in Wonderland. But these children really did disappear, reappearing with only the sketchiest and weirdest explanations for where they'd been--no magic mushrooms required. (CM)

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